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To manage the Santa Cruz Extreme mountain races sporting event in terms of the registration and participation of the runners applying to enter.

  • What will we use your personal data for?
  • At the Fundación Canaria Santa Cruz Sostenible (the Canarian Sustainable Santa Cruz Foundation) we handle the information provided to us by those people interested in participating in the Santa Cruz Extreme (mountain race) sporting event in such a way that the interested person may take part as an athlete or volunteer. This is done on the basis of the specific, informed, express and willing consent of an interested person given at the time of application, registration and payment of the fixed fee giving rise to rights and obligations between the parties on a contractual basis.
  • By legal right and based on the contractual relationship (participation in the sporting event or as a volunteer), interested persons may be informed of all events and activities of a similar nature which may be organised, and the sending of emails for this purpose is duly authorised. Automated decisions shall not be planned or taken on the basis of data profiling.

How long will we keep your personal data for?

  • Personal data provided shall be kept for the maximum permitted period for any purposes affecting the parties, five years for participants and three years for volunteers. If, before the end of this period, an interested party requests deletion of the data, the data shall be blocked and eliminated thereafter.


Consent by an Interested Party/Contractual Relationship

The legal basis for the Fundación Canaria Santa Cruz Sostenible handling the personal data of a party interested in participating in the Santa Cruz Extreme mountain race, or as a volunteer, is contractual.

  • The personal data are necessary for the legitimate actions of the organising entity and for interested party in exercising their legal rights in terms of the contractual relationship and their participation in the event. In the case of volunteers, the personal data are necessary for the insurance cover to be arranged by, and communication with, the organisers.

The organising entity. Personal data (name and DNI) is required to be communicated to the insurance company providing the personal insurance that shall cover the runners. No international disclosure is planned. 

  • Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties other than the insurance company providing cover for the event. No international disclosure is planned.
  • Within the competition itself, personal images may be used by the organising entity for social networking purposes, press releases concerning the race results and general publication of the results.

To inspect, correct and delete personal data, as well as other rights as set out in the additional information.

What are your rights once you have given us your personal data?

  • Everyone has the right to confirmation by email or post as to whether the Fundación Canaria Santa Cruz Sostenible is handling their personal data.
  • An interested person has the right to inspect their personal data, to withdraw their consent or request the correction of inaccurate data, or, as the case may be, to request deletion, when, among other circumstances, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
  • In certain circumstances, where the interested person may request that the handling of their data be restricted, the organising entity shall, in such cases, only keep them for the exercise or defence of complaints within the statutory time limits for such actions.
  • In certain cases and for reasons relating to their personal circumstances, interested persons may object to the handling of their data. The Fundación Canaria Santa Cruz Sostenible shall no longer handle their data, except in legitimate overriding circumstances, or in the event of the exercise or defence of possible complaints.
  • Additionally, and within the requirements established by the regulations, interested persons shall have the right to portability of their data.
  • To exercise their rights, they may send an email to or post a letter to the address provided, giving full details of their identity.
  • They may also present a complaint to the relevant data protection authority, especially if they remain unsatisfied after having exercised their rights, using the permanently updated form at (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) on their website. Complaints are free.

How did we get your data?

  • The personal data that we handle at the Fundación Canaria Santa Cruz Sostenible was obtained directly from the interested parties.
  • The categories of personal data referred to are:
  • Identification details (name, surnames, national identity number, gender and date of birth).
  • Full address.
  • Means of communication (email address and number of the mobile phone to be carried during the race)
  • Name of the sports club to which they belong (not compulsory).
  • T-shirt size (not compulsory, but needed by the organisers for any complimentary sports kit that may be provided).
  • Bank account number used for the payment of the registration fee (assuming payment is effected online).
  • Specially protected data not included.


How is the personal data of minors handled?

  • The handling of personal data for minors competing may only be based on their consent if they are more than 14 years old.
  • No data is handled for minors under 15 years old.