V International Joëlette Mountain Race Championship


Enabling sport for all is now a cornerstone objective. Long abandoned is the prejudice of what was considered “normal” precluding access to people simply because they had a disability. We want to make it possible for the wishes of many people come true. We have, therefore, taken the lead together with many associations that for two years have been contributing with their effort to enable many people to get closer to the mountains. Sporting competition educates, and transmits values, and effort is the touchstone to fostering togetherness. It is our wish to make Santa Cruz de Tenerife the national pacesetter for the organisation of “Joëlette” adapted-wheelchair competition.  There are international benchmarks, but rather than setting a special course, Santa Cruz Extreme, practising equality from the start, is using the final leg of the Santa Cruz Extreme course for all. Everyone will have the chance to face the tough Anaga conditions and a parallel stretch of the course (Los Catalanes-Santa Cruz de Tenerife) will be made available, with sections that are truly technical, in the full spirit of Extreme (XTRM).  There will be specific rules governing the competition. Don´t forget, it is on the 14th of October.




10,41 km

Slope +

125 m

Slope -

725 m


694 m


0 m


Start from the village of Los Catalanes, with a conspicuous church with roof domes. Each team will begin from this point in staggered 10 minute heats, climbing a steep incline which then joins a path climbing to the area known as La Fortaleza, then heading towards the Casa de los Berros, where a refreshment station is planned, from where the descent down the Valle Luis begins, until arrival at Barranco de Tahodio, then continuing towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife, through the village of La Alegría and descending the barranco to the San Andrés dual-carriageway, crossing it via steps beside the port building situated in the Muelle Norte and continuing along the promenade of Avenida Anaga towards the Finish in Plaza de España.