V International Joëlette Mountain Race Championship

“Before effort, rocks and wind, friendship is the essential component on the mountains.”

Geyson Millar


Allowing everyone to play sports is now an indispensable goal. Gone are the prejudices, where outside what was considered “normality” other citizens were banned from practicing a sport for the simple fact of having a disability. We want to participate and make a reality the desire of many people. In this sense, we follow the example of many associations that, for years, have been contributing with their efforts to bring many people closer to the mountain.

The sports competition educates and passes on values, where effort is measured, and solidarity is fomented. It is our desire to position Santa Cruz de Tenerife as national reference regarding the handling and competition with the adapted Joëlette chairs.

There are international referents, but the Santa Cruz Extreme, uses the course to foment equality, since a different route has not been created for this modality. Instead, the last section of the Santa Cruz Extreme will be used, and thus, the participants will face the roughness of Anaga, doing a stretch (Los Catalanes-Santa
Cruz de Tenerife) through a trail with really technical sections, experiencing the Extreme’s spirit (XTRM). The competition will take place respecting specific rules. Remember that it will be held on November 18th, 2023, with a start in Los Catalanes starting at 11:15 am.

Delivery of running numbers and bags for the runners from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
on the esplanade in front of Plaza de España on November 17th. Finish location area.




10,41 km

Elevation gain

125 m

Elevation loss

725 m


694 m


0 m


Start from a church that stands out for its peculiar structure in the form of a vault, in the hamlet of Los Catalanes. From this point, each team will depart by turns (of ten minutes) to start an initial track with a steep slope, to then get to a trail that ascends towards the area known as La Fortaleza. From there, we will go to Casa de los Berros, where the refreshment point is located and where the descent will begin along the road known as Valle Luis until we reach Barranco de Tahodio. To then head towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife. From La Alegría neighborhood, we will go down the ravine, to skip San Andrés highway, and get to the port building located on the North Pier by a lateral staircase. Finally, we will continue along the seafront avenue, Avenida Anaga, to the finish line in Plaza de España.


The race will be under the chrono modality, where an order of departure will be established (decided by a draw). Each team will depart with at least five minutes of separation, provided that there is no need to overtake one another due to the topology of the path, where it becomes very difficult for the 'Joëlette' chair to do that maneuver. The separation between the teams will take into account the number of teams registered. Regarding the competition: a) Pilots: Those competitors (who in number of four and of any gender) drive the chair with the passenger. Prior experience is necessary, being this valuable by the organization at the time of registration, either through courses, having membership of associations or groups that have this type of chairs, or by any other circumstances that accredits knowledge and skill. All pilots must be of legal age. b) Passenger: The person who will be transported in the Joëlette chair. Must have reduced mobility and prove said condition. Intellectual capacity is required to give free consent. Minors may participate (always over 14 years of age). In which case, it will be necessary to provide an authorization by those who exercise the parental authority. You can find all the details in the regulation of this modality in this very same webpage.