“Persigo la felicidad. Y la montaña responde a mi búsqueda”

Chantal Maudit


A vertical that will not leave you indifferent. Not because of its hardness, but because of its history. With the start right next to the bed of the Barranco Santos, to ascend by Barrio Nuevo-Cueva Roja, in an ascent of more than 500 steps to go out to the path of Las Lecheras where in the area of La Calera we will ascend in a last demanding stretch to the Parque de las Mesas.

Starting and finishing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the race will begin on October 13, 2023 at 17:00 hours.

Participants will have transportation to the starting point, which will be requested when collecting the race bib. The departure point of the transport will be the Plaza de España with departure time at 16:00 hours. Please be there in advance because the buses will leave on time.




3 km

Slope +

412 m


512 m

Average slope



Exit from the square next to Barranco de Santos, and go up Calle Los Santos, until you reach the junction with Calle Ribera and turn left, along this street you only walk for about 30 metres to start the ascent along Calle Faican, At the end of this street is where we find a stretch of street with traffic Calle Verodes that we take to the left with a yellow stripe to go up Calle Cien Escalones and when we get to the top we go to the right Calle Atarjea Blanca where we go a few metres (it is flat) until we take to the left Calle Las Lecheras and then take to the right Calle la Azada, and we go out to Calle La Loma at the top of the neighbourhood, there is a stretch of road of Cueva Roja until we take the path of Las Lecheras.