The ANAGA XTRM 60k is the ultimate test that will give you a deeper and more intense experience of the Anaga Rural Park, a Biosphere Reserve. Its 60 km make this a truly ultra-event covering the varied terrain of sea, rock, forest and more. A punishing test in the true essence of Trail and the spirit of Santa Cruz Extreme (XTRM).

Start:  Las Teresitas beach, 7.00 am 9th October, 2021 (Transfers to the start arranged by the Organisers).

Finish: Plaza de España (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). 

Participants can be moved to the starting point by bus, which will be requested when picking up the bib number.

The meeting point to take the bus will be Plaza de España with departure time at 5:30 am. Participants will be there before the departure time because the buses will leave on time.




60,2 km

Slope +

4182 m

Slope -

4.202 m


857 m


0 m


Start from Las Teresitas beach and climb Barranco de las Huertas until you reach the area known as La Cancelilla (on the Chamorga road). Once here, the descent begins towards the barranco of Igueste de San Andrés and the climb begins from the path running along the PR-TF 5 towards Chamorga, where the route crests at the barrancos of Ijuana and Anosma, crossing the small settlement of Lomo de las Bodegas and La Cumbrilla, now in a forested area. Once in Chamorga, begin the descent (starting at the PR-TF 6 path) towards the small village of Roque Bermejo, where the climb starts towards the Anaga Lighthouse, the climb beginning in the Tafada area, towards Cruz del Draguillo where the descent continues towards the village of Benijo (on the PR-TF 6 path), with impressive views of the Anaga coast. Once in Benijo, descend to the beach and follow the coast towards Almáciga beach, climbing to the village and following the uphill slope towards the Amogoje panoramic viewpoint (the climb follows the PR-TF 4.1). A few metres before the viewpoint, turn right to descend between Roque de en Medio and Roque de las Ánimas, below to Taganana and then towards the church. Crossing through the village, climb the cobbled streets towards Las Vueltas (path PR TF-8) and climb the zig-zag to the area known as the Casa Forestal where you follow the road for around 150 metres before taking the path on the right towards Afur, via Inchirés, which you will then leave at the junction with the track coming from Casas de la Cumbre and then following road for about 100 metres, begin the climb to Roque Negro, not a very busy route, with a lot of undergrowth. A continuous climb leads to La Degollada de las Hijas, where the descent begins towards the village of Casas de la Galería. Once at this point, begin the climb again towards the village of Los Catalanes which has a conspicuous church with roof domes that serves as a guide for the climb. Once you have crossed this village, the route climbs towards the area known as La Fortaleza from where the descent starts towards Valle Luis where we find the Barranco de Tahodio and the descent continues. At the village of Alegría, enter the barranco to reach Avenida de Anaga via the former “jetfoil” terminal and the finish is located at less than 800 m in Plaza de España.