“I pursue happiness. And the mountains fulfill my purpose”

Chantal Mauduit


The ANAGA XTRM 18K allows you to discover Anaga, its green mountains and some of its villages. An outing in the emblematic hamlet of Afur and a lineal course where the unevenness of the terrain and its toughness carries the spirit of the Anaga Extreme (XTRM).

With start and finish location in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the event will begin on November 18th, 2023, at 10:00 am in Afur.

There is a bus service available for participants to get to the starting location, which must be requested when picking up the running number. The bus will depart from Plaza de España at 8:00 am. Please do arrive in advance as the bus will leave on time.

Delivery of running numbers and bags for the runners from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the esplanade in front of Plaza de España on November 17th. Finish location area.



18,39 km

Elevation gain

995 m

Elevation loss

1231 m


778 m


0 m


Start from Afur parking lot in direction to its square. We will head towards Llano del Corral and then ascend a traditional road to Roque Negro. After crossing Roque Negro square, we will start an ascent to Degollada de las Hijas from where we will begin a descent to the hamlet of Casas de la Galería. From this point, we will ascend again to the hamlet of Los Catalanes, where there is a church with a peculiar structure in the form of a vault (the highlight of the ascent). After crossing this this town center, the course ascends to the area known as Cuatro Caminos (where we find PR-TF-2 road). At that point begins the descent to Casa de los Berros and Valle Luis to reach Barranco de Tahodio and keep descending. At the height of La Alegría neighborhood, we will enter the ravine to get to Avenida de Anaga, through the old “jet foil” station and, finally, at less than 800 meters, we will reach the finish line in Plaza de España.