The ANAGA XTRM 19K will get you into Anaga range, well into its mountain greenery and several of its remote inhabited settlements. Setting of from the typical remote village of Afur on a lineal route with punishing descents that are the spirit of Anaga Extreme (XTRM).


Participants can be moved to the starting point by bus, which will be requested when picking up the bib number.

The meeting point to take the bus will be Plaza de España with departure time at 8:00 am. Participants will be there before the departure time because the buses will leave on time.



18,39 km

Slope +

995 m

Slope -

1231 m


778 m


0 m


Starting from the plaza of Afur village, turn left towards Barranco del Salto Encerradero and climb on a parallel towards the junction with the PR TF-8 path towards Camino de Inchirés. At, approximately, the two-kilometre point, and on the junction with the path from Casas de la Cumbre, the route follows the same course to the finishing line as the other two categories. Once past the refreshment point for the other two categories and after continuing about 100 metres on the road, begin the climb towards Roque Negro, not a very busy route, with a lot of undergrowth. A continuous climb leads to La Degollada de las Hijas, where the descent begins towards the village of Casas de la Galería. Once at this point, begin the climb again towards the village of Los Catalanes which has a conspicuous church with roof domes that serves as a guide for the climb. Once you have crossed this village, the route climbs towards the area known as La Fortaleza from where the descent starts towards Valle Luis, until arrival at Barranco de Tahodio, then continuing towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife, through the village of La Alegría and descending the barranco to the San Andrés dual-carriageway, crossing it via stairs beside the port building situated in the Muelle Norte and continuing along the promenade of Avenida Anaga towards the Finish in Plaza de España.